Teo Topcubasi
Friday, July 18, 2003

Teo Topcubasi

In the past year and a half Topcubasi has served as a consultant to small to midsize companies within the technology sector.

His extensive experience in product marketing spans 12 years in the software industry where he held Director positions at Blue Martini Software, and Saba as well as managing a product line for Siebel Systems. He managed full life cycle products from inception to market delivery, as well as worked with industry analysts and the press to re-position software businesses primarily in international markets.

While having spent his career in the technology sector, he brings a diverse experience base from having launched shrink wrapped software to managing enterprise solutions, to launching a consumer wireless product to vertical industries.

Prior to entering product marketing Topcubasi spent 7 years in software engineering within large computing companies finally becoming a principal engineer and Senior Pre-Sales Consultant at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Topcubasi holds a B.S. in Computer Sciences from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and completed graduate studies at Boston University.


phone: 512 470-7612


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